HomeTechYildiz Teknopark drives Turkish tech to global market with $2B in exports

Yildiz Teknopark drives Turkish tech to global market with $2B in exports


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Yildiz Technical University’s technopark marks its 15th anniversary as a pivotal force in Türkiye’s tech industry. It boasts $2 billion in exports from 6,000 completed projects, representing 20% of all Turkish technopark exports.

At the heart of this innovation powerhouse is the YTU Innovation Hub, which actively supports over 50 industries, including 30 firms focused on mobility. To date, this hub has nurtured 330 projects, yielding $682,000 in revenue.

The YTU Move On project stands out among Yildiz Teknopark’s initiatives, enhancing the mobility sector by connecting startups with established companies and providing access to essential resources like funding and mentorship. The project operates in a unique facility that offers the only infrastructure in Türkiye equipped for sophisticated testing phases, including prototype development.

YTU Innovation Hub has also established a comprehensive support system for startups. Project Manager Mert Colak of Leo Drive discusses the transformative impact of their work. “We provide a one-stop solution for autonomous driving technologies, leveraging our premium partnership within the Autoware Foundation to enhance the accessibility and affordability of autonomy,” Colak explains.

The recent YTU Innovation Hub launch showcased a slew of revolutionary products. Among them were autonomous vehicles, electric transportation solutions and smart city systems.

General Manager of YTU Yildiz Teknopark Orhan Tanisman said: “At Teknopark, we are committed to producing globally marketable products and investing in our startups through our venture capital partnership, which significantly boosts investor confidence and attracts external funding.”

The hub goes beyond merely facilitating technological advancements. It plays a crucial role in economic development by continually updating its infrastructure to support sustainable growth. 

“Our goal is not only to meet the local demands but to carve out a space for our innovations on the global stage, providing our companies with opportunities in major cities around the world,” Tanisman added. 

Source: Newsroom

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