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Former soldier reveals abuse, gambling, war crimes in Turkish military


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A former Turkish soldier has revealed widespread gambling, severe mistreatment of troops and instances of war crimes within the military, according to a detailed testimony shared by the Kurdish Telegram channel OPERASYON on Wednesday.

During the interview, it was disclosed that approximately 80 percent of soldiers stationed in Zap, a region close to the Turkish border in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), are engaged in gambling, investing significant amounts in slot machine apps.

“We were treated like animals, with no rights, and merely used as tools by those in command,” he stated. The soldier highlighted the stark disparities in treatment between ranks, where lower-ranking soldiers are expected to perform menial tasks for their superiors who allegedly engage in gambling and other misconduct while avoiding their combat duties.

Additionally, he addressed the controversial handling of enemy combatants and the deceased, stating, “Despite strict prohibitions, there have been instances of dismemberment and executions shared on social media. This starkly contradicts our religion, which views disrespect towards the dead as a major sin, and the army’s proclaimed moral standards.”

The soldier recounted witnessing ‘barbaric acts’ against combatants and civilians in the KRI, including beheading the deceased and mistreating captured women. “Joining the army and witnessing these events made me question my humanity. These things should not happen. Above all, we are Muslims, and we must treat even those who surrender with the utmost respect,” he added.

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