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Turks in Tech Catalyzes the Creation of Seven New Startups, Connecting Talent with Emerging Ventures


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Turks in Tech Catalyzes the Creation of Seven New Startups, Connecting Talent with Emerging Ventures

In just one year, Turks in Tech has catalyzed the creation of 7even new startups, showing the power of the platfrom which is connecting talent with emerging ventures. In the heart of Silicon Valley, the Turks in Tech community, founded and advocated by Aykut Karaalioglu, embodies the transformational spirit of great ideas. These ideas are more than just a starting point; they are the cornerstones of a significant transformation within the tech industry. Aykut Karaalioglu, a first-generation immigrant entrepreneur and investor, embarked on a journey 10 years ago with the founding of MobileAction, a San Francisco-based app store ad campaign optimization B2B SaaS startup. MobileAction is a profitable company used by more than 300,000 app companies and backed by Silicon Valley VCs, with team members working across SF, London, Turkiye, and Japan.

Frictionless Network and Zero-to-Hero

This journey from zero to hero, the fundamental ethos of ” Turks in Tech” community, is based on the belief that faith and a disciplined thought process are the most important things. “For this, we need more communities that develop and help each other, rather than immigrant founders alone. Creating social capital is the starting point of this work.” He said.

This inclusive vision is coupled with Aykut’s investment in startups. He founded ‘Turks in Tech’, a community that aims to support Turkish entrepreneurs globally. “Our goal is to create a zero-to-hero platform where Turkish entrepreneurs can come together, learn, and grow together,” Karaalioglu shares. Highlighting the isolation faced by immigrant entrepreneurs, the importance of specialization, and quick access to social capital, ‘Turks in Tech’ quickly attracted nearly 500 founders out of 7000 members and attracted 2,000 attendees to big and fun events in the global tech-startup hubs of San Francisco, New York, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Istanbul. The total valuation of startups in the community has hit $5.5 billion, demonstrating the impact of connecting entrepreneurs with industry leaders.

 ” This movement highlights the critical role of social capital, building expertise, and overcoming cultural barriers in the entrepreneurial landscape. ” he concludes.

The Power of Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Amid the tech industry’s widespread layoffs, Turks in Tech community meetups have catalyzed the creation of seven new startups. Nearly 100 out of the members were successfully hired, showing their community’s pivotal role in connecting talent with emerging ventures.

Karaalioglu points out that 55% of America’s billion-dollar startups have at least one immigrant founder, underscoring the significant impact immigrant entrepreneurs have on the global economy. An MIT study further bolsters this claim, revealing that immigrants are 80% more likely to start businesses than native-born Americans. Shtful achievements include the founding of Turks in Tech, a vibrant community aimed at uplifting Turkish entrepreneurs worldwide. With nearly 7000 members and 2,000 attendees at events across global tech hubs, Turks in Tech is a testament to Karaalioglu’s vision of a frictionless network where entrepreneurs can thrive together, aiming to create 5 unicorns in 5 years. “Our goal is to create a platform where Turkish entrepreneurs can come together, learn, and grow together. “

What’s next? By connecting startups in this community that have reached $500,000 in ARR with Silicon Valley investors, the aim is to create a Master Class in Turks in Tech. A big event in San Francisco that will bring together immigrant entrepreneurs from around the world. Karaalioglu’s story proves that immigrant entrepreneurs are not just stories. They are key players in economic growth and innovation. “We are here to connect businesses, create jobs, and push the boundaries of what is possible.” he adds.

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