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Turkish Tennis Federation hits court running with women’s series


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The presentation for the women’s series of Tennis Masters was held with Cengiz Durmuş, the president of the Turkish Tennis Federation, national tennis player Ayla Aksu and Murat Hatipoğlu, the CEO of Enplus, in attendance.

The first of the three women’s tournaments covering a masters-level series will take place from June 1-9 at the TTF Izmir Tennis Center, followed by the second from July 1-7 at the TTF Ankara Tennis Center and the third from Aug. 16-25 at the TTF Istanbul Tennis Center.

Durmuş emphasized the pivotal role of women in shaping society’s future, highlighting mothers as the primary influencers in families who play a crucial role as the first friends and teachers to children.

He also highlighted women’s significant impact in various aspects of life, particularly in sports, where their strong presence serves as inspiration for young girls.

Durmuş noted the influence of tennis players Çağla Büyükakçay and Ayla Aksu in motivating girls across Anatolia to carve their own paths in life.

He also expressed pride in witnessing young girls aspire to wear the national jersey and lift trophies, reflecting their determination and motivation.

Durmuş praised the collaboration between the federation and Enplus, emphasizing the importance of partnerships with like-minded organizations.

Enplus, he noted, has emerged as a key supporter of women’s tennis, aligning with the federation’s vision and contributing significantly to its success.

CEO of Enplus, Murat Hatipoğlu, highlighted the inception of their sponsorship agreement, which commenced with the women’s national team.

He emphasized the positive communication with Cengiz and their shared vision for a more substantial and enduring partnership.

They have established a three-year sponsorship agreement, including the organization of the Enplus Women’s Masters Cup in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul annually.

Hatipoğlu expressed Enplus’s commitment to supporting young girls in Türkiye, both internally through their female employees and externally through various social responsibility projects.

National tennis player Ayla Aksu expressed gratitude for Enplus’ sponsorship of the national women’s team, noting its significant value for women’s sports.

She shared her personal journey, starting tennis at a young age with aspirations of emulating strong female players like Serena Williams and Sharapova, and finding inspiration in role models like Çağla Büyükakçay, who demonstrated that major titles can be won.

Aksu emphasized her desire to be a positive role model for young athletes through her conduct and achievements on the court.

She concluded by expressing women’s collective desire for support in sports and thanked Enplus for their significant contributions to women’s tennis.

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