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Turkish Consul in Najaf Al-Ashraf: Iraq needs a lot of development and work on the infrastructure required for the water file


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The Turkish Consul in Najaf, Jafar Olcay Karakash, announced on Thursday, the imminent opening of a consulate in Najaf Governorate, stressing that the path of development will give added value to both countries, while indicating that his country will provide support to Iraq in the field of water management.
Karakash told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Iraq needs a lot of development and work on the infrastructure required for the water file, as there are many things that can be done, including establishing dams and water tanks, which is important,” stressing that “our government work together to solve the water crisis.”
He added, “Turkey has long experience in the field of water management and conservation, and will help Iraq in this regard,” pointing out that “the leaders of the two countries have begun working intensively on strategic projects, the most important of which is the development path, which will provide added value for both countries and our region in general.”
He continued, “Establishing such projects will further develop the relationship between our two countries and achieve a strategy in almost all fields,” expressing his hope that “Iraq will become more stable and its prosperity will increase, and in return this will also lead to an increase in tourism between the two countries.”

He explained, “Our General Consulate, which we are about to open in Najaf Governorate, is one of the steps taken by Turkey and the Turkish Embassy to reach all cities and governorates of Iraq, in order to provide consular services to Iraqis wishing to travel to Turkey.”
Karakash stated, “The work area of our consulate will include the provinces of Najaf, Holy Karbala, Diwaniyah, and Babylon.”

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