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Turkey Leg Hut co-founder fired, accused of mismanaging money


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The firing is just one of several personnel changes at the company. Citing a financial review after the discovery of potential mismanagement, restaurant owner Nakia Holmes says, in a statement to FOX 26, “Unfortunately, we quickly uncovered financial discrepancies that demanded immediate action.”

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That action included two firings, six people laid-off, and what she insists, is a two-week payroll delay. However, an employee who doesn’t want to be publicly identified, says he’s gone more than six weeks without a paycheck, and is owed more than a thousand dollars. 

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“We get behind on bills like rent, light bills, water bills,” he says. “It’s becoming a hassle trying to get what’s owed to ya’.”

FOX 26 Legal Analyst Chris Tritico says affected employees have a strong argument to get their money if the employer drags its feet. 

“You should not give up on the money you’re owed, regardless the amount.” 


From court filings, to complaints to the Department of Labor, there are avenues to collect; especially with the business still in operation. It does now, however, lessen the immediate hardship for employees waiting on a promise to be paid. 

“Creditors aren’t going to be as nice as you’re asking me to be to you, and they’re not going to wait,” cautions Tritico.

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While the employee says it’s a challenge coming to work, without knowing when the next paycheck comes, owner Nakia Holmes says she plans to address the back-pay promptly, and hopes to invite laid-off workers back in the summer.

Turkey Leg Hut statement:

“After gaining strength from leaving an abusive marriage, I was subsequently made aware of potential financial mismanagement at my company, The Turkey Leg Hut. This prompted me to initiate a meticulous review with my new finance team. Unfortunately, we quickly uncovered financial discrepancies that demanded immediate action. This led to a temporary two-week payroll delay and the difficult decision to lay off six valued team members, promising their reemployment in late summer.

Additionally, we made the decision to permanently terminate two employees involved in financial misconduct. Our immediate plan is to address the two-week back pay promptly and continue on the path to ensuring The Turkey Leg Hut is celebrated not just for our nationally-known cuisine but also for our exemplary business practices, cementing our commitment to a stronger, more cohesive future.

The Turkey Leg Hut is navigating a pivotal moment of transformation, necessitating difficult decisions. I apologize to my employees who felt the blows. My hope is to invite them back once we have fully recovered.

Ultimately, in my commitment to taking control of my destiny, I anticipated backlash. Nonetheless, despite the challenges encountered, I’m trusting God and standing on business.”

Nakia Holmes
Owner, Turkey Leg Hut 

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