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This Thanksgiving side dish is the most popular on Kansas dinner tables this holiday


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Corn may be the second most planted crop in Kansas, but it’s first in Kansans’ hearts this time of year.

Creamed corn is the most popular Thanksgiving side dish served in Kansas, according to a survey by online recruitment website Zippia.

Only one other state preferred creamed corn over all other side dishes: Texas.

Our neighbors had a diverse selection of favorites, according to Zippia. Nebraska prefers the crescent roll, Missouri the charcuterie tray, Oklahoma the baked potato and Colorado mashed potatoes.

While the survey found a variety of dishes ranking the highest in each state, one dish stands out collectively as the nation’s favorite ― mashed potatoes. Some 75% of Thanksgiving meals will feature mashed potatoes, and nine states ― California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Connecticut ― put the dish in the top spot.

Overall, carbohydrates dictate the Thanksgiving meal, Zippia discovered, as crescent rolls, stuffing and dressing were often featured as a state’s favorite.

According to Nancy Morris, head of content for Zippia, the company used Google searches to determine each state’s favorite Thanksgiving side.

“Thanksgiving may be called Turkey Day,” Morris writes,” but maybe it should be called mashed potato or bread day.”

Two states, Arkansas and Montana, prefer gravy, although each state has a different version as the favorite: Arkansas, white gravy; Montana, turkey gravy.

“Some controversial decisions were made, including counting gravy as a side,” Morris writes. “However, since it’s not the main dish and hopefully isn’t being consumed as a beverage, our hands were tied.”

A few dishes stood alone, Zippia found. Washington loves its roasted vegetables, Idaho the side salad, Alaska stuffed mushrooms, Rhode Island glazed carrots and Delaware mashed cauliflower.

“We looked at the month of November 2022 to determine what folks are searching for the most in each state,” Morris writes. “Traffic for most Thanksgiving sides skyrockets on Thanksgiving day (Turns out, when you’re googling ‘how to make mashed potatoes,’ so is most of America.)”

What are the favorite side dishes in each state?• Alabama ― sweet potato casserole.• Alaska ― stuffed mushrooms.• Arizona ― mashed potatoes.• Arkansas ― white gravy.• California ― mashed potatoes.• Colorado ― mashed potatoes.• Connecticut ― mashed potatoes.• Delaware ― cauliflower mashed potatoes.• Florida ― rolls.• Georgia ― collard greens.• Hawaii ― mashed potatoes.• Iowa ― green beans.• Idaho ― side salad.• Illinois ― mashed potatoes.• Indiana ― green beans.• Kansas ― creamed corn.• Kentucky ― hashbrown casserole.• Louisiana ― cornbread dressing.• Maine ― stuffing.• Maryland ― collard greens.• Massachusetts ― mashed potatoes.• Michigan ― rolls.• Minnesota ― charcuterie tray.• Mississippi ― cornbread.• Missouri ― charcuterie tray.• Montana ― turkey gravy.• North Carolina ― biscuit.• North Dakota ― fruit salad.• Nebraska ― crescent roll.• New Hampshire ― stuffing.• New Jersey ― stuffed mushrooms.• New Mexico ― side salad.• Nevada ― mashed potatoes.• New York ― sweet potatoes with marshmallows.• Ohio ― green beans.• Oklahoma ― baked potato.• Oregon ― mashed potatoes.• Pennsylvania ― stuffing.• Rhode Island ― glazed carrots.• South Carolina ― collard greens.• South Dakota ― baked sweet potatoes.• Tennessee ― hashbrown casserole.• Texas ― creamed corn.• Utah ― rolls.• Virginia ― macaroni and cheese.• Vermont ― macaroni and cheese.• Washington ― roasted vegetables.• West Virginia ― rolls.• Wisconsin ― baked potato.• Wyoming ― baked potato.

Deanna Watson, of the Lafayette Journal & Courier, contributed to this story.

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