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The top 10 best hair transplant In Turkey – 2024


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How much does 2000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

The price of hair transplant surgery can vary significantly based on a variety of factors, including the surgeon’s or clinic’s reputation, the procedure’s location, and the particular procedures employed.In general, hair transplants in Turkey were less expensive than in many other nations.

It’s crucial to remember that costs can vary, therefore for the most precise and recent information, get in touch with the individual clinics. Remember that the reputation of the clinic and the caliber of the surgery are also important factors.

You should get in contact with multiple respectable hair transplant turkey clinics, offer them specifics about your situation, and ask about costs in order to receive an exact price for 2000 hair grafts in Turkey. ASK ABOUT ANY ADDITIONAL COSTS: Pre- and post-operative care, prescription drugs, and follow-up visits. To guarantee a successful and secure surgery, it’s also critical to investigate and select a clinic with knowledgeable and experienced staff members.

What is the risk for hair transplant in Turkey?

Like any medical procedure, hair transplant surgery has possible dangers and problems. However, the dangers are usually reduced when the procedure is carried out in a respectable clinic by a board-certified and competent surgeon. The following are some possible dangers connected to hair transplant surgery:

1.Infection: There is a chance of infection with any surgical procedure. To reduce this risk, respectable clinics, however, uphold stringent sanitary standards.

2.Bleeding: During and after the procedure, some bleeding is typical, although in rare instances, severe bleeding may occur.

3.Swelling: For a few days, swelling of the scalp and forehead is common.

4.Bruising: Bruising around the eyes and forehead is possible, but it is typically transient.

5.Itching or numbness: Some patients may have brief itching or numbness in the treated areas.

6.Scarring: Although hair transplant methods are designed to leave as little scarring as possible, some individuals may experience noticeable scarring, particularly when undergoing FUT (follicular unit transplantation).

7.Shock loss: Following a transplant, there may be a brief shedding of the donor hair, but the new hair typically grows back.

8.Results that don’t seem natural: If the surgery isn’t done well, the outcomes can not look natural.

To reduce these risks, it is essential to select a skilled and experienced surgeon and pay close attention to their pre- and post-operative instructions. Furthermore, be reasonable in your expectations for the procedure’s results. Always do your homework and select a reliable clinic with a history of successful procedures and happy clients.

Discuss your medical history, possible dangers, and anticipated results with your selected surgeon prior to performing any medical procedure, including hair transplant surgery. They are able to offer tailored information according to your particular situation.

Is Istanbul the best place for a hair transplant?

Turkey offers one of the most sought-after travel destinations worldwide for those in need of hair transplant surgery. Istanbul is renowned for its reasonably priced healthcare, particularly when compared to the US, UK, and other European nations. It is also well regarded for its highly skilled medical staff and outstanding patient care.

The top 10 best hair transplant In Turkey – 2024

1-Medart Hair Clinic

We connect you with a skilled group of people that are exclusively trained in hair transplantation using FUE and DHI methods. Our belief that each hair transplant is unique and our patient-centered approach to meeting each patient’s needs set us apart from our competitors. We have qualified interpreters available to assist you with simultaneous translations in Turkish, English, German, Arabic, Italian, and Spanish so that we can comprehend your expectations for the procedure and avoid any misunderstandings. We are a health tourism consulting firm. For our consultants, we locate the ideal location and even arrange for lodging and transportation.


As the clinic brings together surgeons and medical professionals with a wealth of knowledge from the healthcare industry, NIMCLINIC has grown to become a trusted name on a global scale. NIMCLINIC continues to treat patients worldwide in facilities with international recognition, excellent service quality, A++ and JCI certifications, and the most up-to-date hair transplant Istanbul and cosmetic surgery technology. For a considerable amount of time, NIMCLINIC created goods in the hair health industry with remarkable success, and it is currently offering its services with a Free Hair Analysis service.

3-Sapphire Hair Clinic

*A specialized medical team that exclusively operates on undetectable HIV patients (a specialized doctor and two nurses) performs the hair transplant procedure in a special operation theater, or an operation room specifically for undetectable HIV + patients.

* Prior to this, all required blood analyses are completed.

* Along with instructions on how to use the prescriptions and aftercare supplies (such as shampoo, foam or lotion, neck pillow, etc.), a packet containing the medications is provided.

4-Buk Clinic

We, the Buk Beauty family, have been at your disposal in the Fulya Istanbul area to help you attain the success we have both domestically and internationally. At Buk Beauty, we look forward to treating you as one of our treasured family members and providing you with a hygienic, modern service in a clean environment with our knowledgeable and skilled personnel and state-of-the-art equipment.


Known around the world as Turkey’s most renowned hair transplant surgeon is Dr. Levent Acar. In addition to being fluent in English, he and his medical team have successfully completed over 20,000 hair transplant procedures in over 16 years.

6-Smile Hair Clinic

The #1 industry leader Smile Hair Clinic in Istanbul offers the best hair transplant in Turkey. Use the most recent hair transplant technology to get the results of your dreams. 2023.

7-HLC Clinic

In 2003, Özgür ÖZTAN, M.D. and his colleagues established the HLC brand in Ankara Cankaya, focusing on hair transplantation, aesthetics, health, and beauty. A few years later, they broadened their services and kept up their polyclinic status. It included all cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures to its list of services in 2014 when it amalgamated Plastic and Reconstructive surgical Center.

8-Aslı Tarcan Clinic

Being the most popular hair transplant provider in Turkey, we offer FUE, DHI, beard, eyebrow, and hair transplantation services in Istanbul.

9-Dr. Emrah Cinik

Make an easy appointment for your hair transplant in Turkey and trust Dr. Emrah Cinik, one of Istanbul’s top surgeons, to handle the process.

10-Miracle Hair Clinic

One of the greatest hair transplant and cosmetic clinics in Turkey, Miracle Hair Clinic © Istanbul serves clients from all over Europe and America in the following areas.

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