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“The Game Is Rigged”: NFL World Reacts Multiple Teams’ Prediction on Lamar Jackson Trade Drama


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Looks like the Baltimore Ravens pulled off a stunningly brilliant move. After days of continuous back and forth between the Ravens executives and Lamar Jackson, no common ground could be found. Frustrated, the Ravens’ front office decided to go along with something no one could have anticipated. The franchise put Lamar Jackson under its non-exclusive franchise tag, allowing the star quarterback to test free agency. Jackson is free to talk to any and every team, and the Ravens would have to either match the offer or reject it.

In a surprising turn of events, not a single team has come forward with the intention of stealing Lamar Jackson from the Ravens. Sounds ludicrous to even say this, but Lamar Jackson has no offers- zilch, nada. Every team lining up for Jackson has mysteriously backed out from the game. Fans as well as NFL analysts are dumbstruck at the ongoing chaos surrounding Lamar Jackson, and no one can make any sense of the matter.

The Lamar Jackson debacle offends fans


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The ongoing Lamar Jackson debacle has brought in a lot of attention from fans. Most of these football fanatics failed at understanding the weirdly convenient situation for the Baltimore Ravens.


Lamar Jackson Expresses Himself as Baltimore Ravens Trade Drama Reaches Peak

about 22 hours ago

Many even went on to claim ‘something fishy’ going on behind the scenes.

The NFL fanatics just keep getting louder, as each team continues pulling out of the Lamar Jackson trade.

One fan went on to say, “The game is rigged, man. Owners are driving the narrative. The players union needs to step up on the next CBA.

While another felt that the entire thing was “messed up” and chose to blame the timing instead.

Another user tried making sense of the situation, “I thought ravens were wise to do non-exclusive tag, it lets Lamar gauge his market while still giving ravens chance to match.

Several other users followed up, as one hinted at something mysterious going on in the shadows.


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While the current undergoing has left the entire NFL confused, the Ravens must be ecstatic and raving about a well-made call.

It’s all about a deal

As per the Ravens’ wish, they intend to offer Lamar Jackson a contract ranging from $160 million to $180 million in guaranteed money. Jackson however disagrees and believes he is worth much more. Recently, Deshaun Watson signed a five-year $230 Million contract, all fully guaranteed. Ever since then, Jackson has been hellbent on securing a similar deal for himself, hence the inception of the conflict.


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While many believe Watson’s deal managed to mess up the entire QB market, others believe it to be a good thing. With Lamar Jackson thrown to the wolves, it is yet to be seen if the unanimous MVP decides to stay with the Ravens or put on a different uniform.

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