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Roland partners with Supreme for JU-06A and TR-08 white special editions


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Roland has partnered with the American fashion brand Supreme to release special white versions of the JU-06A synth and TR-08 drum machine. 

Companies often use special or limited editions to return older products to the music tech’s actuality. Arturia, for example, likes to do this with the black versions, and Elektron recently did this with the all-silver remix versions.

Roland likes to do that too. New white versions of the Roland JU-06A and TR-08 recently appeared on the website of the American fashion label Supreme in its Spring/Summer collection preview for 2024. 

Roland Supreme JU-06A TR-08

Roland Supreme JU-06A TR-08

The news is not yet official from Roland’s side. I didn’t get any press release under embargo or so. But you can find it on the Supreme website. So the news is public. Funnily enough, I didn’t spot the news there first, but in the Synth Memes Facebook group from Jim Heywood. 

There will be two white editions. Probably super limited and only available in Supreme stores. First, the Roland JU-06 A. It brings the best of the legendary Roland Juno-60 and Juno-106 in one portable digital Boutique Synthesizer together.

Roland Supreme JU-06A TR-08Roland Supreme JU-06A TR-08

Whether you like the big red logo on the interface or not is debatable. I find the design ugly but as I said, everyone has their own taste in what they find beautiful or not. 

The Roland TR-08 in the Supreme Edition, on the other hand, is more beautiful and discreetly designed. This is a white edition of the TR-08, a drum machine that emulates the legendary TR-808. 

Here the name of the fashion brands is very small on the device at the top right. This looks significantly better than the big layout on the JU-06A. 

Roland Supreme TR-08Roland Supreme TR-08

I am almost certain that both devices will only come onto the market in very limited quantities. Only in designated Supreme shops or online. 

First Impression

For collectors, an interesting release. The regular versions should be sufficient for musicians unless you want something exclusive and limited in white. 

Roland Supreme JU-06A and TR-08 white editions availability and price are TBA. 

More information here: Supreme Roland 

Available at my partner 

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