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Road traffic acidents in Türkiye show increase in 2023


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Türkiye saw a significant rise in road traffic accidents involving death or injury in 2023, with a 19.2% increase compared to the previous year.

There were a total of 235,771 such accidents, resulting in 6,548 deaths and 350,855 injuries. This translates to an average of 18 deaths and 961 injuries per day.

The number of people killed also rose by 25.2%, highlighting a concerning trend. Motorcycles were involved in a substantial portion of these accidents, accounting for 38% of fatal crashes and nearly 61% of injuries among vulnerable road users, which include pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooter riders.

While the total number of vehicles on the road increased by 8.5%, the accident rate per thousand vehicles actually decreased slightly compared to 2012. This suggests the rise in accidents may be linked to other factors, such as driver behavior.

Driver faults were found to be the leading cause of accidents in 89% of cases.  Furthermore, speeding and reckless driving were identified as major contributors to motorcycle accidents, which saw a troubling 38% increase.

The importance of road safety measures is emphasized by these statistics.  Initiatives to improve driver education, promote responsible driving practices, and enhance road infrastructure are crucial to curbing this rise in traffic accidents. (ILKHA)

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