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NFL fans are rooting for Taylor and Travis, but mostly they’re rooting for football


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KANSAS CITY, Missouri — While everyone agrees it’s great that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating, both Chiefs and Eagles fans had mixed reactions regarding the hype around the relationship as they tailgated ahead of “Monday Night Football.”

Jim Wiegand bought a flag to fly above his RV that read “World’s Biggest Fan of Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend’s Team.”

“It was just some schtick,” he said, “I saw it on the internet and thought it would be fun to fly during the tailgate.”

But not all Chiefs fans have embraced the pop star’s presence since she attended her first Chiefs game in late September alongside Kelce’s mother. London Blandon, a devout Chiefs fan, was at Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, to watch the Super Bowl rematch.

“We’re not here for the relationship,” she said. “We don’t care about the drama. She’s doing her thing, good for her. But what does that have to do with football? I don’t see her putting on a helmet.”

Swift was unable to attend the game on Monday because of a makeup show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that night. Kelce attended one of Swift’s concerts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this month.

The singer grew up in Pennsylvania and references Philadelphia’s team in her song, “Gold Rush”: “I see me padding ‘cross your wooden floors with my Eagles T-shirt hanging from the door.” When the Eras Tour stopped in Philadelphia, she confirmed the lyric was about the football team.

Some Eagles fans have expressed feeling betrayed by Swift’s recent embrace of the Chiefs. Others are less invested.

“Who cares?” said lifelong Eagles fan Rose Kaufman. “I was born and raised in Philly. I moved to Kansas City three years ago, but I bleed green until the day I die.”

The Sofie family traveled down from outside of Chicago to watch the Kelce brothers face off and cheer for their guy Jason Kelce.

“I think it’s hilarious,” said mom Danielle Sofie, “but the boys are like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ What is happening?’ I love Taylor Swift music. I think it’s so cute that all the girls think, ‘Oh she made Travis Kelce so famous!’ When he was already a big deal.”

Kevin Shepherd decked out a bus in Chiefs colors and logos and called it the “War Wagon.” He thinks it’s cool that the star is now a fan of his home team.

“I was able to zoom in once and see a picture of her with my phone across from the stadium,” he said. “I mean a lot of people are going to more games, getting more people interested in it. So I think there’s a plus to it.”

More: As Taylor Swift cheers for Travis Kelce and Chiefs, some Eagles fans feel ‘betrayed’

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