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Is Turkey safe to travel now after Israel war?


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The armed conflict between Gaza and Israel have caused many concerns for people all over the world.

Some tourists who plan to travel to the Middle East, especially Turkey, may be worried about the war between Israel and Gaza and cancel their trip. Looking at the map of Turkey and the surrounding countries, you can see that Turkey has no border with Israel, and the war between Israel and Gaza is not a threat to those traveling to Turkey.

The distance between Turkey’s borders and Israel is more than 800 miles (1000 km), and Syria separates these two countries. This ensures that the war between Israel and Gaza does not pose a danger to the people and tourists visiting Turkey. However, tourists may witness the Quds Day rallies during their trip to Türkiye. 

Every year, on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, millions of Muslims worldwide participate in International Quds Day proposed by Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic.

On this day, Muslim people condemn the Israeli genocide and injustices against the Palestinians and loudly demand an end to these crimes. These marches can attract tourists who have not seen such rallies in their country.

In recent years, travelling to Turkey has always been safe, and tourists have travelled to different cities without worrying about war.

The last war in Turkey was the War of Independence in 1919, and since then, this country has not experienced any war, which shows the country’s high security.

Tourism is one of the sources of income for the country, and the government knows this very well. For this reason, it always tries to ensure the safety of travelers so that they can walk on the streets without any problems. However, it should be noted that thieves may intend to defraud tourists in every city, so travelers are advised not to trust anyone during their trip, always walk through busy streets, and to avoid entering the lonely alleys at night.

Some neighborhoods in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, may not be safe for tourists, so they should refrain from visiting them. For example, Dolapdere, Tarlaba?, and Gaziosmanpa?a neighborhoods in Istanbul are among the most crime-ridden neighborhoods, and tourists are advised to avoid going to these places. Getting information about dangerous places in any city before traveling through local news is one of the most important things tourists should take seriously.

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