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ANKARA, APR 28 (DNA): Ali Şahin member of Türkiye Parliament and Chairman Türk-Pak Parliamentary Friendship Group has categorically said that International powers do not want stability in Pakistan and do not see it developed and prosper.

 “There are several conspiracies being hatched to weaken and divide Pakistan, this issue need to be address properly”, said Ali Şahin who is also central leader of the current ruling Türkiye Justice and Development Party (AKP) in an interview to a selected group of journalists, along with Shabana Ayaz head of Türk Pak Women Forum.

Ali Sahin got his higher education in Karachi and served in Türkiye missions in Pakistan at various capacities and has a lot wonderful memories for the country. In the interview apart from shedding light at various international issues shared his personal experience and good memories during the period he got education in Pakistan, he is found of Pakistani cuisines. 

Ali Sahin said that Pakistan is situated at very important geographical position and it is very important for country to be economically stronger. Political and economic stability is crucial for Pakistan enabling to play a leading role in the region.

To a question about the current awful situation in Palestine he said “We are trying our best to bring to an end to the present horrifying situation”. Türkiye and Pakistan are two twin sons of the Islamic and they can play a leading role to culminate the reign of terror let loose by the aggressor Israel, but there exist no such mechanism at present to deal with the situation.

Continuing, he said Islamic countries are poor and have limited sources and when the western countries interfere in our problems and problems increase manifolds. He reminded the United States came to solve the problem of Afghanistan, and for almost 10 years its butchered million of people but the problem was still unsolved, “Terrorism did not culminates but increased”.

He is advocate of further cementing the existing ties between two brotherly Islamic countries Türkiye and Pakistan through boosting trade, defense and cultural activities. 

Ali Sahin regretted that economic and trade relations between Türkiye and Pakistan are not strong enough. There exists a bilateral trade of only 1.2 billion dollars between the two counties which is negligible. The population of Pakistan is 25 million, while the population of Türkiye is eight and a half million and the level of trade needed to be boosted.

He added existing barriers between the relationships must be removed. In the last 10 years, our relationship with Pakistan in the defense sector has grown considerably. The Türkiye has made remarkable achievement in the defense sector. There is a need to run a common defense project between Türkiye and Pakistan.

To bring peace to the Middle East, the relationship between Türkiye and Pakistan should be improved and strengthened. The mechanism between Türkiye and Pakistan should be strengthened.

He pointed out that Türkiye is working on an important project of developing roads, linking four neighbor countries including Türkiye, Iraq, Qatar and Emirates and in the end its connection with west to boost trade activities.

He suggested that Pakistan, Iran and China also need to become partners in this project because Pakistan is working on a very important game changer project of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) which will change the trade balance in the whole world.  He said that If both the projects are interconnected they will bring a revolution globally.

“I have told Foreign Minister Haqqan Fidan that there is an urgent need to connect these two projects. It will also bring economic, political stability and regional security.

Answering the question of dual citizenship, Ali Sahin said that Turks consider themselves Pakistani citizens and Pakistanis consider themselves Turkish citizens. The problem of dual citizenship is not a problem of Türkiye but of the European Union. Türkiye is trying to become a part of the European Union. The European Union does not allow us to have dual citizenship. It will take time, but Pakistanis should consider themselves citizens of Türkiye.

On the question of providing health insurance to overstayed visas and illegal residents in Turkiye, Ali Sahin said that discussions are underway with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan Embassy and Ambassador Dr. Yusuf Junaid to resolve this issue. We are making efforts to resolve the issue and provide facilities. Turkiye’s efforts to become part of Europe have some obstacles. Pakistani authorities and Turkish authorities are making efforts to resolve this issue legally. A meeting is expected in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs next month, in which we will try our best to resolve this issue.

Ali Sahin added that diplomatic and parliamentary relations are not enough for enhancing ties between the countries, but the exchange of cultural activities is must to bring people closer to each other. Türkiye is thinking of making a drama on Mahmud Ghaznavi. Pakistani dramas should also be aired on Turkish channels. He said that I liked Pakistani drama Kashkol and Dhuhan very much.

While sharing his education experience in Pakistan, he told Shabana Ayaz that when I went to Pakistan for study, the people of Karachi welcomed me saying that you have come to your second homeland, but I used to tell them that this is not my second homeland, but it is my own homeland.

Before I went to Pakistan in 1990, I had two choices, one was Saudi Arabia and the other was Pakistan. I chose Pakistan. Because the people of Pakistan love Türkiye very much, words are not enough to describe this love. In my opinion, the love of Pakistan is found genetically in our generations. Whenever a child is born in Türkiye, his genetics embed the love of Pakistan. Similarly, the child born in Pakistan also has the love for Türkiye in his nature this love is a divine gift.

I didn’t just go to Pakistan to study but I made many friends there. After studying, when I used to go to the homes of Pakistani families, I understood the living conditions there. When you say that you are a Turk in Pakistan, the doors of the homes are opened for you. Going to Pakistan was a very interesting experience for me.

He added after completing my education in 1997, when I returned to Türkiye, I was also keen to know the current situation in Pakistan. After the acquiring facility of internet, I listen to Pakistani news, watch TV channels and keep informed about the situation in Pakistan on social media platforms.

Ali Sahin that I live in Ghazi Antap, recalled that while studying in Karachi, I used to eat Pakistani food with passion, but the other 19 students who were with me had a problem to eat Pakistani food as they are spicies.  I love chicken biryani, he added. I was the Deputy Chairman of Foreign Affairs for three years, so I had to go to Europe in this regard. I did not like eating at European restaurants, so I used to find a Pakistani restaurant and eat food there, especially Biryani.

While studying in Pakistan he went on to say, during my vacations, I used to travel from Karachi to Quetta, from Quetta to Zaidan, from there to Tehran and from Tehran to Ankara and then from there to Ghazi Antab covered the distance in 7 days. I had only one month vacation and 15 days used to pass only in the journey. There was very little opportunity to spend time with parents and siblings. The harshness of hard conditions makes a person the best person. Now if I get another chance, I will go to Sindh and try to understand their story and Punjabi, Baloch and Pakhrun culture and tradition.

To a question by the Shabana Ayaz whether he would advise the Turkish youth to go to Pakistan for study.

Ali Sahin answer was that anyone can get education all over the World, including, United States, Saudi Arabia and European countries, but the love and affection that Pakistan has with Türkiye will not be found anywhere, even though Pakistan is thousands of kilometers away, but he is loving the country while living in Ghazi Antab.  Ali Shaheen’s message to his Turks is that if you want to know your importance, you must go to Pakistan once.

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