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India-Maldives News: Maldives will use deadly Ukrainian drones to put pressure on India! Big deal with Türkiye


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India-Maldives News: Maldives’ anti-India President Mohammed Moizzu is continuously making anti-India statements and actions. After his recent visit to China, Moijju’s tone has become more harsh towards India. Maldivian President Moizzu has given time to India to withdraw its army from Maldives by mid-March. Maldives is now making a deadly drone deal with Türkiye. These deadly drones have been used by Ukraine in the war. Pakistan also uses these drones. It is said that it is buying drones in the name of maritime surveillance, but indirectly this drone deal is anti-India in some way.Know how big is the deal?Maldives is increasing contacts with countries opposing India. President Moizzu had visited Turkey for the first time. Now Maldives is making a big deal for deadly drones with Türkiye. After making several agreements with China, the Moijju government is now signing this deadly drone agreement with Turkey. Maldives has signed an agreement worth $37 million with Turkish company Baykar. Baykar is the company of the son-in-law of Turkish President Erdogan.Know how deadly are these killer drones?These Turkish drones have caused havoc in the war from Armenia to Ukraine. India’s neighboring enemy country Pakistan also uses these drones. The Moijju government of Maldives says that it is purchasing these military drones to monitor its vast maritime area. According to Maldives media report, Muizzu government has also released money for this drone deal.India had once given Dornier aircraft and helicoptersEarlier, India had given Dornier aircraft and helicopters to Maldives to monitor its coastline. The Indian military technical team used to repair this aircraft. The President of Maldives has asked these Indian soldiers to leave by March 15. It is believed that to fill this gap, Moizzu has joined hands with Turkey and is purchasing military drones.What did Moijju say?Muizzu said, ‘We have started increasing our power and capacity to increase our surveillance in the entire 9 lakh kilometer exclusive economic zone. I hope that soon we will develop our capacity so that this entire area can be managed. Not only this, the Moizzu government has also removed the import duty, clearing the way for military drones from Turkey. The Maldives Army has not yet given any statement on the deal. Till now the navies of India and Maldives jointly monitored this entire area.

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