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I was terrified after botched £2,500 Turkey boob job… UK doctors will fix it


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A MODEL was terrified when her nipples DIED and fell off after a botched £2,500 Turkey boob job.

Horrified Chloe Rose, from Halifax, West Yorks, raced backed to the UK for emergency surgery after waking up “screaming in agony” and “convulsing” in bed.


Chloe had paid £2,800 for a breast uplift operation she saw advertised onlineCredit: MEN Media
The mum-of-one woke up 'screaming in agony'


The mum-of-one woke up ‘screaming in agony’Credit: © YappApp

The 22-year-old forked out £2,800 to undergo the knife in Istanbul, including flights and accommodation.

Chloe’s family revealed the operation had been booked through Instagram with a company that had “five star reviews”.

What should have been a 45minute surgery lasted a painstaking five hours and now mates claim surgeons removed too much skin during the op.

This lead to loss of circulation and necrosis, the death of tissue, in the OnlyFans content creator’s nipples.

She was raced to hospital in England five days post-op and went in for “emergency surgery” after friends and family raised £8,000 to fly her home.

The mum-of-one wrote about the traumatising ordeal on social media and said: “I’m currently waiting for emergency surgery.

“I’m petrified and traumatised but I could not thank everyone enough for helping save my life. I have no words.”

Pal Rachel Mucha, 22, who was in Istanbul with Chloe, added: “The relief is unbelievable.

“We have landed in the UK and are now being blue lighted to the hospital. We cannot thank everyone enough.”

She sent Chloe messages of love and support, which read: “So proud of you for pushing through. The hardest week of our lives but you’re now in the safest of hands.

“The relief we felt getting off that plane was the most unreal feeling. I love you so much.”

Now family claim, after the horror surgery in Istanbul, Chloe was told to shell out more cash to stay in the Turkish hospital for treatment.

They have undone her stitches with a blade, wide awake, no pain relief as I watched and left her with open wounds for 48 hours.

Collette PickeringChloe Rose’s sister

The hospital doctors are understood to have denied any wrongdoing.

Rachel explained the aftermath on Facebook and wrote: “Now, it is basically a waiting game with proper attentive care – Chloe will certainly face skin loss around the nipples and reconstruction will certainly be needed, we are just unsure of the severity at this stage.”

Rachel said a medic in Turkey said Chloe was “fit to fly” but she was still “very unwell”.

“Chloe is still very unwell, unable to even sit up alone and is extremely drained from the experience, but we are getting her home which is giving her that little bit of reassurance,” added Rachel.


Chloe sought out the cheaper treatment in Turkey because she “hated the way her boobs looked”, according to friend Rachel.

She was wheeled into the operating room the day after arrival and doctors told friends the surgery had been successful.

“But when Chloe came around she was screaming in agony – she knew her body didn’t feel right,” added Rachel.

Chloe’s devastated sister Collette Pickering, who was by her side after the botched procedure, said it went “severely wrong”.

She shared graphic photos of Chloe’s injuries on social media which showed nipple tissue turning black.

She paid all that money for a safe operation and has been left to basically die

Collette PickeringChloe Rose’s sister

Looking for answers she wrote: “We are in Turkey and Chloe had a breast uplift – since surgery her nipples have lost blood circulation and died.

“The doctors have never admitted to a problem the whole way through they’ve just said everything is normal.

“They have undone her stitches with a blade, wide awake, no pain relief as I watched and left her with open wounds for 48 hours.

“They are dying more as the hours go by. They are now discharging her and If she wants to stay she must pay extra.

“They have a duty of care, she paid all that money for a safe operation and has been left to basically die.”

She added the medics were acting as if everything was “normal”, yet Colette claimed she had “never seen anyone so young look so unwell” in her life.

“My sister came out in shock where she was convulsing on the bed. From that point on it was all downhill,” said the shocked sister.

Colette offered an update on Chloe’s health via their GoFundMe page and thanked donators for their support.

She wrote: “Myself and Chloe have managed to get a medically assisted flight back to the UK, rather than an air ambulance – we cannot thank you all enough.

“We now ask to please stop your donations as we have enough to pay for Chloe to get home and get the medical assistance she needs.”


It comes as other people have died after going under the knife in Turkey.

A young woman, 20, lost her life after a gastric sleeve surgery in January 2024.

Morgan Maria Ribeiro had researched her options thoroughly before booking the £2,500 op, according to heartbroken partner James.

After going into septic shock, Morgan was blue-lighted to hospital where she suffered a heart attack, was placed in a coma, and passed away four days later.

Meanwhile, a mum died days after undergoing a Brazilian bum-lift operation in Turkey.

Demi Agoglia, 26, is said to have become ill hours before she was due to return to Manchester.

The mum-of-three had given birth to her youngest son just seven months prior.

Builder Joe Thornley, 25, from Derbyshire also decided to have a gruelling gastric sleeve surgery at Medicana Bahcelievler clinic in Istanbul.

But the £3,000 operation went horribly wrong, and Joe tragically died alone in his hospital room the following day.

The patient knew something was terribly wrong after waking from surgery


The patient knew something was terribly wrong after waking from surgeryCredit: © YappApp
The nipple tissue died after circulation was cut off


The nipple tissue died after circulation was cut offCredit: © YappApp
The 22-year-old was raced for emergency surgery in the UK


The 22-year-old was raced for emergency surgery in the UKCredit: © YappApp
Chloe is now recovering and still 'very unwell' after the trauma


Chloe is now recovering and still ‘very unwell’ after the traumaCredit: © YappApp

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