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He Offered Coaches to His Employees


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Making a statement on the subject, Namık Kemal Oğuz said; “The value of Eid al-Adha is great for Muslims. There are certain rules for sacrificing a sacrifice. The rules that must be met for a Muslim to be considered obliged to sacrifice are called wujûb rules. According to those who state that sacrificing an animal is sunnah, these are the conditions for circumcision. There are four conditions for a person to be considered obliged to sacrifice; Being a Muslim means being intelligent and having reached puberty, not being on a journey, and having a certain financial power.

Eid al-Adha has great value and has many benefits. Sacrifice saves people from stinginess and love of wealth. It develops the feelings of cooperation, brotherhood, sharing and making the poor happy in society. It connects people with love and compassion. He ensures that all his servants benefit from God’s blessings. Individual and social prayers performed in society are instrumental in gaining God’s will and getting closer to God. “Those who have the financial means to sacrifice an animal but do not have the means to do so fulfill their worship by donating a sacrifice.”


As Öz Çağdaş Makine, we have been dealing with trade for years. Namık Kemal Oğuz, who worked as a technical manager in various oil factories in Thrace, the source of sunflower oil in our country, in 1976, later added his experience and established his business and started producing machinery and equipment for vegetable oil factories. Namık Kemal Oğuz, who has accomplished valuable work in this field in a short time, founded Çağdaş Machinery and Engineering Services Company in 2011. The company has prioritized quality and customer satisfaction and continues its innovative process in line with the technology and engineering services required by the age. Our company, which manufactures, process applications and assembles the necessary machinery and equipment for the processing of various oilseeds, has established and continues to establish modern facilities in our country and in various countries of the world.

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