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Event organized by Ihlas Media Group to discuss business opportunities between Türkiye, Germany


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In an event organized by “Türkiye’de Is Dunyasi” (Business World in Türkiye), a monthly economics magazine published by Ihlas Media Group, business opportunities in Türkiye and Turkish-German cooperation in terms of economics are set to be discussed in economic programs over the weekend in Germany.

Turkish and German business people have come together to evaluate such opportunities in the two countries. The event started with the attendance of Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Simsek on Saturday.

The first leg of the program started with the European Association of Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists (ATIAD) meeting. On Sunday, the Business World in Türkiye will host World Turkish Business Council’s (DTİK) Germany representative Kemal Sahin.

Single-digit inflation in 2026

Minister Simsek gave important messages on Saturday as he attended the event. Simsek said that Türkiye’s top priority was price stability.

“Unfortunately, Türkiye’s inflation is quite high. We will reach the peak with an inflation rate of over 70% in May. Then, with the program we put into practice later, inflation will drop rapidly and we will return to single-digit inflation in 2026,” Simsek stated.

“It’s a long journey but we will make it. Because we have a good program. Reducing inflation to single digits, fiscal discipline and of course structural transformation. What we mean by structural transformation is green transformation, digital transformation and industrial transformation,” he explained.

“All of these will increase the opportunity for higher sustainable growth. Starting from the coming years, we will permanently reduce the budget deficit to below 3%, including the earthquake effect. We will keep the ratio of debt to national income below 35%. So we will be compatible with the Maastricht Criteria.”

Speaking on the European Union and the Customs Union, Simsek said that Türkiye have had a dialogue, an engagement, a partnership with the European Union since 1963. “We may have some political differences, but we still feel friendly with the EU through the Customs Union.”

Business opportunities between Türkiye, Germany

Important names from the business and political worlds from Germany, Türkiye and Europe will attend Sunday’s event organized by the Business World in Türkiye magazine and Ihlas Media Group which played a critical role in the event.

Economic opportunities between the two countries, the future of green energy, developments in the world of artificial intelligence, social responsibility in companies and economic issues are set to be discussed. Investment opportunities in Türkiye will be explained and foreign investors will be invited to the country throughout the event.

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