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Erdoğan unveils infrastructure plans for earthquake zone – Türkiye News


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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has unveiled plans to rejuvenate earthquake-affected areas, focusing on infrastructure development, housing and employment initiatives.

Addressing the media, Erdoğan highlighted the government’s commitment to fostering growth and stability in regions struck by earthquakes.

“We have established the infrastructure for breakthroughs that will prepare these cities for the future with production, employment and exports,” he stated during a visit to Kahramanmaraş on the anniversary of last year’s devastating earthquake.

Erdoğan announced the launch of a housing and employment project aimed at concentrating investments from the defense industry in earthquake-stricken cities. The project, which focuses on Kahramanmaraş and other affected areas, aims to provide housing for thousands of beneficiaries while stimulating economic activity through job creation.

Erdoğan outlined plans for the establishment of a major aviation facility in Kahramanmaraş, which will produce components for the country’s defense industry, including the Turkish drone Anka.

The president announced the establishment of a large facility in Kahramanmaraş for the production of aviation structures through Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ). “We are making Kahramanmaraş our second defense, aviation, and space industry center after Ankara,” he declared.

Furthermore, he detailed plans for the establishment of industrial zones in Hatay’s Kırıkhan district and Gaziantep, aimed at bolstering Türkiye’s defense capabilities and fostering innovation in carbon fiber technology.

Erdoğan also reaffirmed his pledge to deliver 200,000 houses in earthquake zones by the end of the year, with plans to increase this number to 390,000 in the near future.

Reflecting on the resilience of the country in the face of adversity, Erdoğan stated, “There are very few countries and societies that can stand as strong as Türkiye in the face of a disaster affecting approximately 14 million people.”

As the president commemorated the first anniversary of the earthquake, he asserted that the removal of rubble and significant progress in city reconstruction indicated a hopeful future.

He expressed gratitude to the 85 million citizens who rallied around the earthquake victims, acknowledging the “heroes – whether on duty or volunteers – who provided superhuman efforts” in the severe winter conditions during the initial hours and days of the disaster.

“We will look for ways to build our future in a safer and stronger way, turning this sad date into a testament to our national resilience and unity,” he said.

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