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Election body reveals participation disparities in local polls – Türkiye News


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Türkiye‘s top electoral authority has disclosed notable disparities in voter turnout across various regions in the local polls held on March 31, with Bingöl registering the lowest participation rate at 59.63 percent, while Artvin recorded the highest figure at 83.44 percent.

Supreme Election Council (YSK) head Ahmet Yener revealed that 34 political parties vied for positions in the elections, conducted across 207,848 ballot boxes to accommodate 61.44 million registered voters.

Among the 30 metropolitan cities, Diyarbakır saw the lowest participation at 67.34 percent, contrasting with Manisa’s 84.97 percent voter engagement.

Analyzing participation rates at the district level, Diyarbakır’s Bağlar reported the lowest turnout at 59.76 percent, whereas Kırıkkale’s Karakeçili boasted a 95.93 percent participation.

In the five metropolitan municipalities with the highest voter count, Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa and Antalya, participation rates hovered around the high 70s, ranging from 78.47 percent in Antalya to 79.39 percent in Ankara.

Yener assured that detailed records of the proceedings will be made accessible on the YSK’s website for public scrutiny.

Subsequent to addressing objections, Yener announced that reruns will take place in seven constituencies on June 2, including Güzelyurt in Aksaray, Pınarbaşı in Kayseri and Hilvan in Şanlıurfa, along with several towns such as Güney Kaya in Sivas, Akpazar in Tunceli, Büyükkarıştıran in Kırklareli and Sağlık in Aksaray.

Providing insights into party victories, Yener stated that out of the 30 metropolitan cities, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) secured victories in 14, followed by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) with 12 wins, while the Peoples’ Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) clinched three and the New Welfare Party secured one.

Beyond the metropolitan cities, CHP triumphed in 21 provinces, AKP in 12, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in eight, DEM Party in seven, and various other parties each secured one province.

At the district level, AKP emerged as the frontrunner with victories in 346 districts, trailed closely by CHP with 314 wins. Moreover, independent candidates clinched victories in nine districts.


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