HomeWorldDodgy dentist dumped Brit outside hospital after screwing implant into his skull

Dodgy dentist dumped Brit outside hospital after screwing implant into his skull


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Ramazan Yilmaz went to a private dental clinic with a toothache (Picture: Jam Press)

A dad of two who went to the dentist with a toothache ended up in hospital to have a dental implant removed from his brain cavity.

Ramazan Yilmaz, 40, went to a private clinic in Bursa, Turkey where the dentist who examined him said he had loose teeth which needed to be extracted.

The teeth were removed and the dentist recommended replacing them with implants – but during the surgery the dentist allegedly pierced Ramazan’s jawbone while ‘forcing’ an implant into place.

Speaking to local media, Mr Yilmaz said: ‘After experiencing discomfort with my teeth, I went to a private dental clinic in Nilüfer.

‘Following examinations there, I was informed that my bone structure was delicate, my teeth were loose, and it was advisable to undergo an implant procedure.

‘The doctor claimed to have 24 years of experience in this field and assured us of his expertise.

Ramazan was rushed to hospital and ‘dumped’ there by the dentist (Picture: Jam Press)
An x-ray showing the location of the dental implant (Picture: Jam Press)
He was in surgery for several hours to remove the implant (Picture: Jam Press)

‘So, we entrusted him with the procedure.

‘Later, while pulling my teeth and performing the implant procedure on the same day, he informed his secretary that the device he was using was faulty.

‘He then proceeded to perform the procedure manually.

‘As he attempted to place the screw, I noticed he was exerting excessive force.

‘I pointed this out to him, mentioning that I heard a bone-cracking sound.

‘However, he reassured me that it was normal.

‘But as he continued to force the screw, it pierced through my jawbone and into the area behind the eye where the brain and spinal fluid are located.’

Ramazan ended up screaming in agony after the screw went all the way up into his cranium.

He was taken to a local hospital by the dentist, who allegedly left him there and ran away.

Ramazan underwent a CT scan before immediately being sent for surgery. The screw was finally removed from his skull after an hours-long operation.

‘When I screamed in pain, he finally took an X-ray,’ Ramazan said.

The dental implant was recovered from Ramazan’s skull (Picture: Jam Press)
The implant entered his brain cavity (Picture: Jam Press)

‘Realising the seriousness of the situation, he took me to the emergency department of Uludag University Hospital.

‘After examinations there, it was found that the screw had pierced into the area where the brain and spinal fluid are located.

‘Subsequently, expert physicians convened and decided to proceed with surgery.’

Ramazan was discharged days later and has since recovered – but he says the dentist has refused to refund him and he’s now taking legal action.

He explained: ‘Before the operation, they warned me that I could lose my life.

‘I made peace with my children and bid them farewell.

‘Thankfully, I emerged safely from the surgery.’

The dentist, who has not been named but is named in reports as A.D., is reportedly claiming that the incident occurred ‘due to a medical complication’.

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