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Cooperation between Enplus and Turkish Tennis Federation


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Enplus, which continues to support women and young girls with the social responsibility projects it carries out, expands its activities with the Sponsorship of the Turkish Tennis Federation.

Enplus added a new one to its support in the field of sports. In this context, Enplus and the Turkish Tennis Federation (TTF) will organize the Enplus Masters Women’s Series in 3 different cities in the summer months.

The first of the three women’s tournaments, which include a Masters level series, will be held at TTF Izmir Tennis Center between 1-9 June 2024, the second will be held at TTF Ankara Tennis Center between 1-7 July 2024, and the third will be held at TTF Istanbul Tennis Center between 16-25 August 2024. It will be held at.

Stating that this cooperation was initially planned for 3 years, Enplus CEO Murat Hatipoğlu said, “Last year, we started our cooperation with the sponsorship of the national women’s team. We also had a very good communication with our Federation President Cengiz Durmuş. We thought about how we could develop this in a more stable, more sustainable structure. As of this year, we have made a special sponsorship agreement for the next three years. We will organize a special Enplus Masters Women’s Series Cup every year in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul. “As a brand, we especially want to support young girls in Turkey with some social responsibility projects we support,” he said.

Commenting on the cooperation, Turkish Tennis Federation President Cengiz Durmuş said, “Enplus, one of the biggest supporters of women while carrying out our work, has become a very important companion for our federation. Enplus has undertaken very important events for the development of women’s tennis by sponsoring our National Women’s Team and the International W60 Istanbul Women’s Tournament. “We are happy to announce to you a brand new tournament aimed at increasing the visibility of women on the tennis scene with the Enplus Masters Women’s Series.” he said.

Pointing out the importance of this collaboration for female tennis players, National tennis player Ayla Aksu said, “I am 28 years old and I have been playing tennis for 23 years. I played in the national team for 23 years in 8 years, 5 of which were in the A National Team. Last year, Enplus became the sponsor of our National Women’s Team. Such sponsorships are very valuable to us. Thank you for supporting women’s sports. I grew up watching female athletes like Serana Williams and Sharapova, and I started this sport saying I wanted to be a strong female tennis player like them. I took Çağla Büyükakçay as a role model. He showed us that big trophies can be won.” she said.

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