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Business owners give away 150 turkeys in Nicholasville


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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18) — Three days from Thanksgiving, a group of business owners in Nicholasville is making sure everyone has something to be thankful for.

“I know a lot of the community can’t afford things and so it’s nice just to be able to help,” said Jacob Warren, owner of Working Wrenches.

This year, especially, they know a lot of people need help.

“It’s awesome that we can do this. I grew up not very wealthy, and I struggled, and I know what it’s like. In today’s times, it’s hard. Families are struggling. I saw something recently that said you need to make an extra $5,000 this year just to get by,” said Chris Dedman of Chris Dedman Productions.

Monday night, Warren, Dedman, and Landon Marsh, owner of Bubba Grub, hatched a plan. They bought 150 turkeys for anyone who might need one this week.

“I grew up always giving back. My family did a Christmas giveaway for toys, but for Thanksgiving, I wanted to start a turkey giveaway and just give back to my community. I’ve been blessed since being a young kid, of course, so I just wanted to give back and bless others since I’ve been blessed,” Marsh said.

Carletta Johnson was in that line. Like a lot of people, she’s spread thin.

“Oh yes, especially right now. I’m kind of in between a little bit of everything. Unemployed, waiting on Social Security, trying to get her done,” Johnson said.

Something like this means a happier Thanksgiving for her and the family she’ll spend the day with.

“What does it mean to me? It means I’m grateful. I’m very grateful because I’ve seen, I’ve done a lot of things, humbling things, as far as feeding homeless. It’s being grateful for what you do have that is given to you,” she said.

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