HomeTravelBritish tourists with holidays to Turkey booked warned to check passports

British tourists with holidays to Turkey booked warned to check passports


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Brits planning a Turkish getaway need to be mindful of their passports, officials have warned. Unlike holiday hotspots such as Spain which require visitors to have at least three months on their passport before they’re due to fly home, Turkey demands a little more.

Travellers venturing there must ensure they’ve got 150 days (or five months) remaining on their travel documents from the time they touch down. Not only that, but your passport should also sport a blank page for entry and exit stamps.

If your passport doesn’t meet these rules, you’ll be stung with the cost of renewal prior to taking flight.

Those with residency in Turkey need to have a passport valid for a full six months from their arrival dates. Additionally, the UK Foreign Office suggests travellers get a timestamp when crossing into Turkey by land.

As stated on their site: “If you are visiting Turkey, your passport must be valid for at least 150 days from the date you arrive [and] have a full blank page for entry and exit stamps.

“If you live in Turkey, your passport must be valid for six months from the day you arrive. If you’re entering Turkey by land, make sure your passport has a dated entry stamp before you leave the border crossing.”

According to Birmingham Live, if you’re a British citizen going to Turkey for a holiday, you can travel without a visa for up to 90 days in any 180-day period. Once you’re in Turkey, remember to always carry a photo ID with you because it’s the law.

In busy places like Istanbul, the police might stop you to check your ID. There are also many police checkpoints on the main roads throughout Turkey and if asked, you’ll need to show your ID.

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